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Cookies and all things associated with them are very near and dear to my heart. In fact, �cookie� was one of my first three words! I have many fond memories of helping my mother bake and coming home to yummy cookies.

I love to bake and send boxes of homemade cookies and candy to my friends and family at Christmas time. A few years ago, I decided to add gingerbread men to my packages. So, I went in search of cookie cutters. Much to my dismay, it was difficult, if not impossible to find what I wanted in stores. I went to big stores and little stores and department stores, even �baker's� stores, and found very little selection and often poor quality.

When I purchased on-line, I was generally able to find what I wanted but often found the web sites to be poorly laid out or not very user friendly. And I was generally unimpressed with how long it took to get my shipment in the mail.

Luckily, my friend is a web programmer by profession and he has built a wonderful web store, where I hope you can meet all of your cookie cutter needs. Eventually, we will carry kitchen and baking items in the web store. They will be those items I have found through trial and error to be really useful and pleasurable to use in my own kitchen.

My purpose is to help bakers bake better and to bring you high quality products shipped to you as quickly as I can. Wherever possible, l ship in 24 hours to get your order directly to your kitchen.

ALL of our cookie cutters are MADE IN THE USA. I feel in the current times that it was important to carry products which are providing jobs here.

You can ALWAYS write to me at: info@cookiecuttersonline.net or contact me via the �Contact Us� page.

I would appreciate to hear any suggestions for improvements in the web site and any other ways you have used cookie cutters.

Happy Baking!

Kim Thorin

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